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List of Deceased from Cyclone Giri in Mray Bon Township

Posted by ေက်ာက္ၿဖဴသားေခ် Saturday, 30 October 2010

Burma Cyclone Giri victimsMray Bon: More than 100 people, including women and children, were killed, and thousands have been left homeless after Cyclone Giri lashed Sittwe and Kyaukpru Districts in western Burma's Arakan State on October 22, 2010.

Mray Bon was the hardest hit township in Arakan, and an estimated 95% of the township has been damaged by the cyclone.

Narinjara has received a summarized list of 84 of those killed along with the village names from the Mray Bon Township Social Organization, which has been carrying out relief work in the aftermath of the cyclone in the township. The group informed Narinjara that they are still in search of missing people in the township.

The list describing the number of victims in each village and ward in Mraybon Township that was sent to Narinjara is below.

Sl no-- Name of Village--------------------------------------------- Number of Killed
1------ Ngashwe---------------------------------------------------- 1
2----- Amyakhtut------------------------------------------------- 5
3----- Kantha Chaungwa Ward (Mray Bon Town)------------ 1
4----- Thay Chaung---------------------------------------------- 2
5----- Myaing Thayar-------------------------------------------- 6
6------ Prun Wann------------------------------------------------ 27
7----- Taung Chaung-------------------------------------------- 6
8------ Taung Zai------------------------------------------------- 3
9------ Krun Hunn Taung---------------------------------------- 1
10---- Kyee Gaung Taung--------------------------------------- 11
11---- Re Rhun--------------------------------------------------- 1
12---- Wan Khauk Maw----------------------------------------- 1
13---- Rwa Thite Ward (Mray Bon Town)-------------------- 1
14---- Krant Hunn Khun--------------------------------------- 1
15---- Mun Chaung-------------------------------------------- 3
16---- Re Ni Gree----------------------------------------------- 2
17----- Ah Ngu-------------------------------------------------- 1
18----- Htoo Chay---------------------------------------------- 1
19---- Daibon------------------------------------------------- 5
20---- Nat Hla------------------------------------------------- 2
21--- Kan Yin Gri-------------------------------------------- 2
22---- (Name Unverifiable)--------------------------------- 1
-------- Total------------------------------------------------------ 83
The Burmese military junta announced in their press release that only 27 people were killed in the cyclone, but this local report shows that 83 bodies have been recovered in one township alone, with more expected to be found.

There are 51 village groups and 150 villages in Mray Bon Township in Arakan State.

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