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Cyclone Victim Hangs Himself

Posted by ညိဳသာထြန္း Friday, 5 November 2010

Mray Bon: A cyclone victim hanged himself last week in the town of Mray Bon, the town hardest hit by the cyclone in Arakan, during a fit of depression, said townspeople.
The victim was identified as U Aung Kyaw Sein from Alay Pai Ward in central Mray Bon Town.

An elder from Mray Bon said, "He committed suicide by hanging himself in the compound of his house during a fit of depression. He lost much property, including his home, when the cyclone struck the town. He seemed to commit suicide after losing so much."

He was reportedly faced with many challenges to his and his family's survival after the cyclone, so he chose the path to death, another elder said.

Another middle-aged elder from Sin Daung Village in Mray Bon Township also committed suicide by hanging himself after losing much of his property in the cyclone.

A monk from Mray Bon told Narinjara over the phone that some people in Mray Bon Township have been committing suicide by hanging, while others are dying from cholera and diarrhea contracted in the aftermath of the storm.

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